Discover wellness with purpose!

Maavee offers top products from world-changing brands. We connect wellness with social responsibility, curating brands committed to the environment, society, and you. Here's a selection of our favourite brands. Check them out and learn why we love them.


Experience ancient healing with a modern twist! Bed of Nails® offers self-healing through ergonomic design and non-toxic recyclable nails. Discover the power of deep healing at home and work with BON.

Discover your body's potential with Therabody! Pioneering wellness tech, Therabody optimizes human performance, offering innovative solutions like RecoveryAir, PowerDot, Wave series, and TheraOne CBD.

Retrospec bridges the gap between comfort and the great outdoors. Dedicated to inclusivity, they ensure everyone feels at home outside. Experience the beauty of the world, embracing diversity and shared adventures with Retrospec.

Breathe better with Komuso's Shift! A husband and wife's creation to reduce stress, increase peace of mind, and transform lives, one breath at a time. Join us in embracing 23,000 daily opportunities for change.

Elevate your food storage with premium reusable beeswax wraps. Crafted in-house, inspired by Hawaii, renowned for quality, and eco-friendly longevity

Elevate your energy and wellness with ENERGYbits®! Boston's finest algae tablets offer the quickest, easiest, and most nutritionally-dense plant-based nutrition. Fuel your body, enhance vitality, and safeguard your beauty effortlessly.

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