500 Piece Puzzle


Beautifully made for everyday play.

To behold Marleigh Culver’s work is to understand the artist’s deep reverence for nature. We thought this piece was particularly suited to puzzle form, thanks to Culver’s calming marine-inspired color scheme, which makes for a meditative and challenging assembly experience.

Home Flowering:
A peaceful scene in a most idyllic summer kitchen, with flowers drying in the rafters, a freshly baked pie, and two little kittens purring and curled up for a nap. Varying textures and patterns make Home Flowering a delightful puzzle to complete.

Puzzle Details:

  • Completed Size: 16 x 20 in
  • Box Size: 9.5 x 7.75 in
  • Pieces finished with a soft-touch, glare-free coating
  • Drawstring cloth bag and artwork postcard included
  • Made with recycled materials
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