Calm Superfood



Brew a cup of calm with this cacao-based adaptogenic Superblend. Reishi, maca and mucuna pruriens work in harmony to balance your nervous system and help you unwind when you need it most, day or night.

Great to enjoy any time of day or night for its antioxidant, immune and stress support. It also contains a number of adaptogens and botanicals that can help promote relaxation and calm when winding down in the evening - or any time (these herbs help calm the nervous system - they do not have a sedative effect).


  • Promotes calm: Unwind before bedtime for deeper, more restful sleep.
  • Antioxidant-Rich: Fight free radicals for stronger, healthier cells, inside and out.
  • Supports Immunity: Keep your immune function strong and healthy, always.
  • Fights stress: Enhance your body's resistance to stress for balanced functioning.
Flavor notes: Calm Superblend has notes of caramel and warming spices

About JOYÀ :
JOYÀ creates 100% pure and functional supplements designed to support your health holistically so you can feel and live your best. JOYÀ believes that your wellness journey should be a joyful one, and they're here to reduce the complexity that can come with it. With expertly formulated, chef-crafted adaptogenic blends, it’s time to say hello to the powerful daily supplement you’ll savor.
Why we 🤍 them:
We love JOYÀ because they’ve come up with a simple one-scoop solution to support your holistic health. Their functional food products are each formulated to address and support specific health concerns, including the body’s response to stress, immunity, cognitive function, digestion, calm/sleep, and inflammation. Their products were rigorously reviewed and approved as “natural health products” by their health regulator, Health Canada, and are regulated as “dietary supplements” in the US by the FDA. We also love JOYÀ because they’re committed to sourcing from responsible growers and producers who are doing good in their communities and to minimizing waste with a truly sustainable packaging solution–all of their product packaging is either recyclable or certified compostable, their shipping boxes are recyclable, and their tissue paper and stickers are acid free, printed with soy-based inks and FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified. Moreover, through their partnership with rePurpose Global, JOYÀ has a “Negative Plastic Footprint” by removing 1 lb of plastic from our ecosystem for every product purchased.
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