Meditation & Yoga Classes


Meditation, mindfulness, yoga and stretch built for the modern workplace.

CHILL Anywhere is a mindfulness app for less stressed, more mindful lives, including a library of on demand and live-streamed mindfulness videos exploring topics ranging from stress management to leadership to focus and productivity.

CHILL Anywhere gives you access to daily live-streamed meditation, stretch + yoga classes, hundreds of on-demand mindfulness practices ranging from 1-60 mins, plus a journal to track your goals and reflect on your practice.

CHILL Anywhere’s instructors are experts at navigating sessions with meditation newbies, zen experts, and everyone in between. After practicing just a couple of short minutes a day, you will start to see benefits to your personal and professional well being.

LIVE + ON-DEMAND CONTENT: CHILL Anywhere provides mindfulness video content that can be live streamed or accessed on-demand anytime, anywhere. CHILL Anywhere’s videos allow participants to have a more personal experience and connection with their practice and instructor. Sessions can also be live streamed so that participants feel more engaged and part of a larger community.

MINDFULNESS, MADE EASY: Less is more. Everyone feels a little more human when things are made simple, clear, and easy. That’s why CHILL Anywhere always includes simple, practical, easy-to-implement tactics participants can use right away in every session.

TRACK YOUR PROGRESS: Want to see what a little extra mindfulness can do? You can track your moods before and after each session and can track their progress over time. A little mindfulness can go a long way.

THE BENEFITS OF MEDITATION: Meditation has scientifically proven benefits. It’s stress-reducing, sleep-enhancing, and immune-boosting. It’s good for your heart, your circulation, and your blood pressure. It’s good for your relationships, your ability to make clear decisions, and focus. See for yourself with CHILL Anywhere.

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