DE-STRESS Foot Mat & Aromatherapy Balm


This acupressure foot mat is compact and easy to use for every space, it helps restore balance to the body’s energy flow and promotes a sense of wellbeing to the body and mind. The gentle pressure of the mat allows the body to relax, release tension and bring calm into your day. Made from 100% high-quality thick cotton and high-density foam with thousands of non-toxic plastic spikes for foot massaging. It is large enough for any feet!

Washable - Lightweight and portable, easy to store and travel. 

  • 100% natural portable aromatherapy 
  • 42 spikes per acupressure stud 
  • 100% cotton fabric and durable abs spikes 
  • Compact and easy to use 

Set includes full-size DE-STRESS Aromatherapy Balm paired with the cushioned Scentered Acupressure Foot Mat.

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