Core Meditation Trainer Premium Bundle


Your meditation superpower, a smart meditation trainer.

Core by Hyperice is an immersive meditation experience that pairs the Core Trainer with guided meditations, breath training, and soundscapes in the Core App. Soft vibrations and lights on the Core Trainer guide your breathing and help ground you, while ECG biosensors measure your heart, focus, and calm. Core returns feedback after each meditation and tracks your progress as you grow your practice and build mental strength.

The Core Premium Bundle includes the Core Meditation Trainer, all basic meditations, PLUS one full year of access to Premium content in the Core App. Premium content includes: guided meditations by expert instructors released daily, classes on better sleep, managing stress, positive relationships, and more, and original music sessions for deeper meditation.


  • Take the guesswork out of your practice: Biosensors measure & track your stress levels, keeping you motivated to progress on your journey.
  • Vibrations that guide you: Anchor your breathing and focus with synced vibrations.
  • Expert instructors and fresh meditations: Companion app available on iOS and Android devices. Core Premium subscription includes new daily meditations by expert instructors with classes on better sleep, managing stress, positive relationships, original music sessions for deeper meditation, and more. Includes $69.99/year Premium subscription.
  • Elevate your daily routine: Made with natural wood and designed to be displayed in your home as a reminder to make time for your practice.


  • Reduce stress and manage anxiety
  • Increase focus and calm
  • Improve sleep
  • Promote a more frequent and effective meditation practice
  • Measure biometric data including HRV

Tech Specs:

  • Color: White with natural wood
  • 2-Electrode ECG
  • Bluetooth® connected to Core Meditation App
  • Up to 2 weeks of battery life
    What's Included: Core Meditation Trainer, USB cable, Charging base, and Premium app subscription (access to thousands of guided meditation options, breath training, and soundscapes with new sessions updated daily)
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