Lunar Gardens Perfume Oil Set


Every perfume oil is blessed with reiki by Reiki Master Jackie Ho and is energetically charged with one-of-a-kind crystals.

Midnight Melody: Dreamy, delicate, and floral, this perfume oil with energetically charged amethyst is intended to calm the mind and help you channel higher consciousness. Scent is a delicate bouquet of tuberose with a hint of creamy ylang-ylang, uplifting sweet orange, warm + grounding amber, and herbaceous petitgrain.
Amethyst properties: enhances psychic abilities, higher consciousness, and tranquility, especially for sleep and dreams.

Over the Moon: Earthy, floral, and rosy, this perfume oil with energetically charged rose quartz is intended to call in unconditional love, self-compassion, and heart healing. Scent is a delicate yet complex, floral aroma that is grounded in a distinct earthiness: neroli, rose, palmarosa, and sandalwood.
Rose quartz is the universal crystal for unconditional love, self-compassion, and emotional (heart) healing.

Sweet Sunshine: Bright, vibrant, and uplifting, this perfume oil with energetically charged yellow topaz is intended to capture the enlivening + uplifting nature of the sun. Bright orange and mandarin red essential oils are balanced with fresh lavender and rosemary + earthy cedarwood.
Features yellow topaz crystal rollerball and gemstones inside the bottle: Yellow topaz properties: growth, protection, abundance, creativity, and harmony.

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