Rotezen Journal


Created with Komuso co-founder Daniel Epstein, a licensed psychotherapist, Rotezen is a guided journal, a 3-month planner, and a source of inspiration that delivers peace of mind and meaningful change through micro-adjustments to your routine.

Learn by rote + zen = Rotezen. Or more literally: rotezen - I wrote zen.

This book is designed to make it easier to commit to change. One day at a time, one small, incremental micro-adjustment at a time, rotezen will help you make a routine of change, peace of mind, and progress.

What's inside:

  • Daily Template (to organize each day around this routine)
  • Weekly Maxims (to inspire exploration and growth each week)
  • Daily Prompts (to center your day and focus your growth)
  • Guided Conversations (therapist-led explanations for weekly maxims)
  • Breathing Techniques (basic technique to enhance calm and focus)
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