The Indwell Guide


An invitation to prioritize your inner wellness.

The Indwell Guide is an 8-step visual guide to reclaim your mental health. It guides you to explore your past, live in the present and navigate your future.

The book includes psychoeducation to understand your mind, body, and emotions, journal prompts and guided exercises to increase self-awareness, and action plans to help you reach your goals. Indwell is the perfect tool to help bridge the gap between self-help at home and therapy.


  • Psychoeducation: Education on your mind-body connection, all supported by neuroscience and psychological research.
  • Journal Prompts: Thoughtful questions to encourage deeper self-reflection and explore your patterns.
  • Guided Exercises: Practical mental health tools to cope with triggers and learn new responses.
  • Action Plans: Life coaching directives to help you plan, keep you accountable, and create new habits.
  • Visual Arts: Curated images to evoke deeper insights, mental clarity, and inner calm.
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