Tidal Rev Electric Longboard



Tidal Rev puts you in charge with powerful dual hub motors, 4 speed modes, and a 12.5-mile range. Propel without pushing off the pavement, hit high speeds, and coast for miles with the push of a button.

Get to know your ride:
  • Color: Jet Pipeline
  • 24mph: Top Speed
  • Up to 12.5-Mile Range: 36V/4.0Ah/168W battery
  • 4 Speed Modes: Low, medium, high, sport
  • Bamboo and Canadian Maple Build: Durable, pliable, and beautiful
  • Wireless Remote Control: Power in the palm of your hand
  • Wireless Remote Control: Power in the palm of your hand. Easily monitor your battery level, change up your speed, and brake or back up as needed.
  • 36V/4.0Ah/168W Battery: Ride up to 12.5 miles on a single charge. Charge in 3 hours or less.
  • Powerful Dual Hub Motors: Robust, yet quiet 1000W*2 hub motors.
  • 4 Speeds: Take charge of your ride with four speeds to choose from: low, medium, high, or sport-speed. Choose your mode, slide the acceleration dial forward, and you're off!
  • Wheels: Glide right over sidewalk cracks with large, shock-absorbing 90mm PU-85A wheels.
  • Grab Handle: Take your e-board to-go with its convenient, built-in handle. Best for Cruising
This product does not ship to Alaska or Hawaii.
About Retrospec :
The outside is for everyone, but not everyone feels comfortable outside. So Retrospec set out to make everyone feel at-home in the open-air. They believe that all people regardless of background or experience should enjoy the life-affirming, eye-opening beauty of the outside world.
Why we 🤍 them:
We love Retrospec because they share our belief that being outside and staying active are fundamental to our well-being. With an incredible array of products -- from bicycles and e-bikes to longboards and kayaks -- Retrospec brings leading design, accessibility, and care for the planet to the forefront of being mobile. And be sure to check out their Outdoor Journal for guides, how-to’s, and tips for enjoying an active life!
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